• 2003

    Flexetch Design founded in 2003 to provide design and engineering services to the automotive industry, with a focus on aftermarket, racing, and enthusiast products. Soon delivered our first major design product, a custom, ducted carbon fiber hood for the 2001+ Dodge Stratus coupe.


    Delivered our second major design product, a set of custom stainless steel instrumental display gauges for the 2001+ Dodge Stratus coupe.


    Flexetch Design temporarily enters a state of voluntary dissolution as a result of our founder's extensive work travel schedule.


    The temporary dissolution becomes a permanent one as our founder relocates to Tokyo, Japan. Here he experiences some of the most profound life, business, and design influences that will impact his work in the future.


    Flexetch founded as a "new" company focused on software development. Our owner decided to borrow part of the name from his previous company Flexetch Design in order to maintain a historical continuity, although the two companies are only partially related. Still, we consider it a symbolic "return" of Flexetch to the market. Aside from software development, Flexetch still provides design services, but now adds a number of new and important services and for an expanded number of industries.


    Flexetch continues to expand its reach and reputation as one of the leading high-end design & development shop for the most advanced printed circuit board-based electronic devices and IC packages.