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  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

    We can help with the design and development of your PCBs. Our designers can help get the PCB design done quickly and correctly so you can get your manufacturing started with little or no prototyping spins. We have successfully completed 100+ designs in a varied number of technologies. Our areas of particular expertise in PCB design include:
    1. - Schematics
    2. - Analog/Digital PCB
    3. - High Frequency/RF
    4. - Flex Circuits
    5. - Hybrid/MCM/Build-Up
    6. - IC Test

    Design Technology

    We believe that the Printed Circuit Board is a beautiful thing, and the design must reflect that. Our unique design tools are a blend of high-performance customized software and specially developed modeling engines. Working in concert, these design tools allows us to achieve results you may not be used to in your board design, including:
    1. - Support for almost every technology mentioned above, including emerging technologies
    2. - 3D models of the PCB, even at the pre-design stage
    3. - Unlimited geometric capability (circles, arcs, splines, etc.)