• About Flexetch

    We are a private, minority-owned California small business founded in July 2012 and operating from sunny San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, a leading global center of high technology and innovation. We provide consulting, design, and engineering services and products to a variety of technology industries.


    Thanks to our cross-discipline and cross-cultural background, experience, and influences, we try to bring a fresh yet classic approach to design. We strive to provide a harmonious balance between style and engineering, between art and mathematics. Have you ever heard a printed circuit board described as beautiful? How about a car that is styled according to classic geometric concepts and patterns? We have a deep respect for naturally occurring elements in nature, and as a result we tirelessly attempt to integrate aesthetically pleasing features into all of our work.


    Andres Carrasco, who also goes by Andy, runs Flexetch. Previous to Flexetch, Andy served as Design Manager and Director of Sales for CAD Design Software in San Jose, as Programming Department Manager for Nagase in Tokyo, and as Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer for nSentia in Tokyo. Andy holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master's degree from Temple University's Japan Campus. Andy's career spans 17+ years working primarily in software development, but with an extensive educational and practical background in general design (product, automotive, architectural).


    For any questions, comments, feedback, or business inquiries, kindly contact us at the following:
    1. Flexetch
    2. 1450 Terilyn Ave.
    3. San Jose, CA 95122
    4. Tel: +1-408-916-7271
    5. Website: www.flexetch.com
    6. Networking: LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter, Google+